We are here to make the tough part easier

We can act merely as Surveyors, Loss Adjusters to assess reparation or replacement cost or go as far as to recommend our professional advice.

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Delivering what
we promise

What makes us different

Making the promise isn’t so hard; the tough part comes when customers want delivery

Delivering Promises

We are here to make the tough part easier – so we are constantly finding ways to become a better delivery business. 

Premium Service

Dilas work in partnership adding value by investing time in getting to understand each client’s needs with quality and honest service.

Strife for Perfection

We are perfect and transparent in what we do! Our core role is to deliver the insurance promise while mitigating the loss. 

Global network to meet the needs of multinational clients

We are big and flexible enough to handle whatever clients or nature can throw at us. We are developing unique new services. And we are extending our core skills into a global network to meet the needs of multinational clients.

But we haven’t lost touch with the values that have underpinned our outstanding growth over recent years: efficiency, dependability, integrity and the stability and independence that come from membership of a well-established professional services group.


How we help

We provide a comprehensive range of services to insurance industry

Machinery Breakdown, Disaster Management, Banking & Financial Institution Risks, Property Evaluation, Legal, Professional and Product Liability, Recovery – Subrogation, Risk Assessment and Loss Prevention, Mediation / Arbitration, Appraisal services for real estate invesment, etc
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Professionally qualified experts

Dilas has developed teams of professionally qualified experts combining specialist knowledge with loss adjusting skills.

Range of experience

Our staff has a range of experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the insurance industry, recruited from sound professional and commercial sources.

We follow code of ethics

We work as per the code of ethics governing the activities of a Loss Adjusters with the aim of protecting both parties against any mis-representations.

Complete portfolio of services

We offer complete portfolio of services and could act as claims managers for our clients taking responsibilities and producing clear concise and statistical survey reports.